Implementation of an automated system for planning, monitoring and accounting for the work of electromechanics and fitters on maintenance of signaling, locking and communication equipment on the railway (ASCOA® – SH©)

Objective of the project:

Ensuring the planning and monitoring of the maintenance of the safety-related equipment for rail transport, responsible for the safety of train traffic.

Project Description:

Signaling equipment, communications, central locking and telemechanics make a significant contribution to the safety of train traffic. Proper, controlled and timely maintenance of this equipment is a guarantee of maximum safety. The problem is the high role of the human factor in maintenance, when electromechanics and fitters are in the “fields”, poorly controlled and reports on their work are recorded only in paper magazines and tags left inside the equipment.


Automation was carried out by the hardware-based “ASCOA® – SH©”, whose functionality allowed satisfying all client’s requirements for timely planning, monitoring and accounting of maintenance work for the security systems using Web and RFID technologies, as well as industrial Internet of things (IIoT).

As a result of the implementation of the decision, the management, dispatchers, senior electromechanics acquired the opportunity to plan, monitor and timely make changes to the work of electromechanics and mounters. Accounting and reporting for each equipment and employee is automatically and electronically.


  • Planning of the schedule of technological processes (annual, 4-week, operational)
  • Registration, accounting, monitoring in general, event control of performance of works on equipment maintenance
  • Requests for unscheduled work
  • Control of deviation from standards of performance of works and electrotechnical measurements
  • Photo fixing of malfunctions
  • Automatic recording of electrical measurements
  • Assigning RFID tags to equipment
  • RFID and GPS control
  • Remote view of planned and completed work
  • Access to electronic technological maps
  • Remote reception of telegrams, their viewing and confirmation of acquaintance
  • Formation and tracking of electronic documents according to business processes
  • The differentiation of access based on the role and position
  • Formation of operational, analytical and regulatory reporting of the magazine journals and tags left inside the equipment.

Project results:

The system has been functioning effectively since 2016, significantly increasing the efficiency of maintenance work on the equipment of the security system and the safety of train traffic. Significantly reduced the time spent on ensuring control, minimized the risks of human factors impact on violations of technological processes and regulations. Forms of reporting are translated into electronic media.

JSC “NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ” is the National Railways that carries out activities as the operator of the main railway network, transportation of passengers and goods by rail.



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